We Give any Piece of Glass an Elegant Look of Class

Here at Creative Glass Carvings you will find a variety of Designs that will enhance that specific Area in your Home or Business. We will help you design and create that special piece you have Being looking for. There are three techniques that we use, the 1st one is called solid frost design etching, 2nd Shaded design etching, and 3rd Carved designs



Solid Frost design etching- It is when the entire background is frosted leaving only the design clear, can also be the opposite leaving the background clear with frosted design.

Shaded Design etchings- it is a surface etching technique that gives the appearance of a 3 dimensional look by giving it depth in certain areas.

Carved designs- This technique gives not only a 3D visual but also a full display of an art form

Known as Carving. It is the creation of layers overlapping each other and creating almost a live form effect.

All of these techniques can be combined.